Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Building a WordPress site ~ [4] cPanel (eMail)

I really like forwarders!

After you register your domain and arrange for hosting, it's time to create forwarders for your WordPress installation.

Before installing WordPress, I recommend that you create at least these forwarders:

  • 0.outbound@yourdomain.moc ~ This creates a single exit point for your forwarders. Forward this to your personal email box. If you ever need to change your address, you will only have one place to do it.
  • Wordpress@yourdomain.moc ~ This is a generic address to let you know that this is something that has been generated from WordPress at your site. Forward to the 0.outbound address.
  • Contact.Form@yourdomain.moc ~ You will use this later. Specifically: later, I will recommend that you install a contact form plugin. When you configure it this will be used as the "from" address for your benefit. Forward to the 0.outbound address.
  • Wordfence@yourdomain.moc ~You will use this later. Specifically: later, I will recommend that you install an anti-virus plugin. Forward to the 0.outbound address. 
  • AdminLogin@yourdomain.moc ~ This is an email address for you to use to log into your admin account. Remove the word "admin" and create something that's uniquely yours. Forward to the 0.outbound address.
Next, in cPanel, register three accounts (WordPress, Contact.Form & WordFence) in the "registered mail IDs" icon because WordPress will be sending automated messages through your mail server, and your mail server needs to know that these are OK.
I have created an article that will help you create a .CSV file to import over dozen forwards using the cPanel script "Address Importer." It includes the forwarders discussed above.
You will need these forwarders before installing WordPress.

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