Sunday, March 31, 2019

WordPress Plugin: WP eMember

I bought WP eMember, then spent most of the day learning how to install and configure the eMember plugin.

The price is what attracted me: the single payment covers a lifetime license for an unlimited number of websites. Users reported that they were still using it years later and hadn't paid anything extra.

WP eMember Plugin

Friday, March 29, 2019

WordPress Plugin: Paid Memberships Pro

I was researching WP eMember because it had been recommended. Evidently the $50 price for eMember pays for a forever license for unlimited sites.

Google led me to this review: The 8 Best WordPress Membership Plugins For Your Site (Venture Harbour ~ March, 2018).

The 8 reviews are:
  1. Paid Membership Pro (Starting Price: Free)
  2. Restrict Content Pro (Starting Price: $99)
  3. MemberPress (Starting Price: $99/year)
  4. WP eMember (Starting Price: $50)
  5. MemberMouse (Starting Price: $20/month)
  6. WishList Member (Starting Price: $97)
  7. WPMU Dev WordPress Membership (Starting Price: $20/month)
  8. CoinTent (Starting Price: Free)
First, though, the unnamed guest writer was really high on Paid Membership Pro!