Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Building a WordPress site ~ [8] Configure Wordpress

This is the last step before pouring in your content!

We have the plugins and themes installed and activated. There is one more menu choice. "Settings."

  • Settings: General Settings
    • This is where you change the site title and tagline
    • Confirm that the URLs begin with HTTPS
    • Change the email address to "WordPress@...." ~ a confirmation will be sent to the new address.
    • For now, leave membership unchecked. When you're ready to begin adding members, remember to come back to turn this on.
    • Change the time zone. Choose a different date or time format according to your tastes.
    • < Save Changes >
  • Settings: Writing
    • Confirm that Classic Editor is the default editor for all users.
    • < Save Changes >
  • Leave Settings; go to Pages
    • Go to Add New page
    • Create a page titled "Home," then press publish.
    • Click on the "Add New" button near the top
    • Create a page titled "Blog" and press publish
    • Return to Settings
  • Settings: Select Reading
    • Return to Reading
    • Set your homepage displays to A static page
    • Select "Home" as your home page.
    • Select "Blog" as your blog page.
    • < Save Changes >
  • Settings: Discussion
    • Avatars ~ disable by unchecking the box
    • < Save Changes >
  • Settings: Media ~ accept defaults for now - no changes to save
  • Settings: Permalink Settings
    • Change the common settings to "Post name." 
    • < Save Changes >
  • Settings: Privacy
    • This page is a new area in the US. You can review this later.
  • Settings: UpdraftPlus Backups
    • This was actually discussed/addressed in the article about plugins. Here is where you configure backup settings and the cloud location for your back files. 

Time to pour in content,
and let the fun begin!!

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