Saturday, May 19, 2018

WordPress Plugin: Simple Membership (by smp7 & wp.insider)

Opened a new, blank WordPress Instance.

I added new plugins, and searched for Simple Membership...

The search returns a plug titled "Simple Membership," but it shows up in the list of installed plugins as "Simple WordPress Membership."


Alphabetically, it's at the bottom of the list of the other Simple Membership plugins:
  • Simple Membership After Login Redirection
  • Simple Membership Custom Messages
  • Simple Membership Form Shortcode
  • Simple Membership MailChimp Integration
  • Simple Membership WP User Import
  • Simple Membership WP User Import
  • Simple WordPress Membership

Link: Plug-in Description for Simple-Membership


The Plugin, when activated, adds the following pages:
  • Join Us (Content is a very busy page that says "This page and the content has been automatically generated for you to give you a basic idea of how a "Join Us" page should look like. You can customize this page however you like it by editing this page from your WordPress page editor.")
  • — Registration (Content is a shortcode: [swpm_registration_form])
  • Member Login (Content is a shortcode: [swpm_login_form])
  • — Password Reset (Content is a shortcode: [swpm_reset_form])
  • — Profile (Content is a shortcode: [swpm_profile_form])


The activated plugin added the pages to the menu at the top of the page:
Under the "Join Us" choice is a link to the new Registration page.


Finally, the Simple Membership Plugin adds a new menu to the Dashboard.

Members and Membership Levels open to a list of Members and Levels, with an Add button on each. Payments also opens to a list (of transactions).

Settings is obviously the heart because it opens to several tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Payment Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Tools
  • Advanced Settings
  • Addons Settings 
Finally Add-ons is a delightful surprise. There two dozen choices, and I assume they are developed in conjunction with the Simple Membership authors.


Th Simple Membership plugin has suddenly becomes challenging until I can discover how to capture a member's street address. I've clicked through all the tabs reported above.

It does appear that the Form Builder add-on should do it, but it's a premium add-on that costs $47 for a single site license. That's a bit steep for me to use for a test/learning site...

PS: I don't begrudge the premium costs. I understand that these developers have to find some way to charge for their work. It's just challenging when I'm trying to learn whether this plugin will work for me.

Link: Simple Membership Documentation website.

I'll edit/update/correct this post as I learn more, but right now I'm off to explore other options in the documentation.

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