Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Building a WordPress site ~ [7] WordPress Themes

Themes are the presentation piece of your Web Page. They display how your information is presented on the screen.

By default, WordPress comes with three free themes already installed. All three of these are "responsive," which means they adjust to what device is being used: PC, laptop, tablet, or phone! The installed themes are:
  • Twenty Nineteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Sixteen
There are literally tens of thousands of themes available. Quality varies. (Discussion to follow)

If you are not already logged into the Wordpress admin account, then do so now.
Open Appearance -> Themes

If you have a preferred theme, then install it now.

ABCInc adds two additional themes:
  • WeaverXtreme
    • ABCInc has a broad license for Weaver addons, and we add Weaver plugins at this time.
      • Weaver Show Posts
      • Weaver XTreme Theme Support
      • Weaver Show Sliders
      • Pay, Download, and install Xtreme Plus premium plugin
  • GeneratePress
Next create a child theme for each of the following:
  • weaverxtreme-child
  • generatepress-child
  • twentysixteen-child
  • twentyseventeen-child
  • Skipped twentynineteen-child
Finally, go to Installed Plugins and deactivate and delete Child Themify. You will (probably) never use it again.

Log out of WordPress

Log into cPanel
  • Use the cPanel file manager to upload screenshot.png files to the respective child folders
  • public_html/...(domainfolder).../wp-content/themes/generatepress-child
  • public_html/...(domainfolder).../wp-content/themes/weaverxtreme-child
  • public_html/...(domainfolder).../wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen-child
  • public_html/...(domainfolder).../wp-content/themes/twentysixteen-child
Log out of cPanel

Log into WordPress and activate the child theme of your choice
  • Open Appearance -> themes
  • Mouse over the theme
  • Click on Activate button

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