Monday, January 21, 2019

SSL at ABCInc-Domains Hosting is now free

It is easy for customers to drop their paid SSL certificates and installed free ones on a site hosted at!!

It all starts at cPanel. Log in, and drop down to the Security section.

(You can click on an image to see it in a larger pop-up windows.)

First, click on the SSL/TLS link, then click on "Install and Manage SSL for your site."

Uninstall your certificate:

Go back to the security section and click on SSL/TLS Status.

Click on the Run AutoSSL button:

Note: You do not have to select any domains. The Run AutoSSL function will go through every domain that could/should have a certificate.


You can go back to the SSL/TLS link, and click on "Install and Manage SSL for your site" to verify that all the certificates are installed and active.

Log out....

Renewals will be completed automatically.

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