Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Building a WordPress site ~ [1] Choosing & Registering a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be a challenge because it depends hits one of three levels:
  1. What you want ~
  2. What you need ~ 
  3. What you can get ~
There's two parts to this section

How to pick a domain name and how to register it...

[ Vocabulary: You pay money to get control of a domain, yes, but you are not buying it. Instead, you are renting it for a period of one year. That means you need to create an account with a domain registrar, and pay them to register a domain in your name. ]

[ Best Practice: Register your domain and buy web hosing from different companies.]

[ Best Practice: Register your domains in your name or your company's name.! ]

[Rix Analogy] Registering a domain is like buying a gallon of milk. Domains are a commodity item. Find the cheapest price possible.

We sell domains at ABCInc-Domains for around $15/year. However, we now recommend or clients to use a registrar called NameCheap because that same domain is $4 less. NameCheap's prices are lower than our wholesale prices!

Picking a name?

Here is some advice about choosing your domain name: ABCInc.pw.

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