Saturday, May 19, 2018

Installing WordPress on an AddOn Domain

At this point a new domain has been registered and is added as an alias to a hosting plan that allows multiple add-on domains.

Required Preparation:

I have set up a multi-domain hosting site for (ABCInc). This package allows unlimited addon domains, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

I have several domains already set up as aliases on ABCInc. This means the DNS information has already propagated through the Internet.

Now I want to peel off one of the domains and create a WordPress instance.

Open a new copy of Notepad for simply taking notes, and save to the desktop.

Open cPanel:

 Within cPanel~
  • Confirm that the new domain has been added as an alias.
  • Remove from Alias domains
  • Add domain to Addon domains
  • Create email forwarders, including one for
    (I personally prefer to use forwarders instead of actual mail accounts.)
    • WordPress@...
    • my-admin-act@...
    • myname@...
  • Copy all the forwarders to Notepad
  • Find Softaculous section and click on the Wordpress icon. Launch.

Wordpress installation:

  • Leave protocol at http://
  • Chose the default domain (i.e. the new domain)
  • Changed the directory from "wp" to nothing (removed "wp" from form) so that Wordpress would install in the root directory

Site Settings:

  • Change Site Name from My Blog to The New Domain Short Name
  • Change Site Description to Clearwater, Florida (will change late)
  • Did not enable multi-site ~ left the block unchecked
Admin Account

  • Change Admin Username to something other than "admin" (e.g. my-admin-act)
  • Copy the suggested admin password to notepad
  • Change the email admin address to a forwarder created during the prep
  • (Copy and paste from notepad.)
  • Don 't install, yet. Update the advanced options.

Advanced Options

  • Opened the "+" symbol
  • Database name and table prefix is OK
  • Enable:
    • Auto Upgrade
    • Auto Upgrade Wordpress Plugins
    • Auto Upgrade Wordpress Themes
    • Automated backups once a week
    • Backup rotation set to 2

Clicked on the INSTALL button....

===== Log into site using =====

In the dashboard, open all installed plugins

  • Install the Wordfence Security plugin,by Wordfence, then changed settings
    • Basic Options: Automatically Update Word fence
    • Basic Options: Entered admin email address for notifications (Rick+WPWordFence)
    • Saved Wordfence Basic settings
    • Advance Options: Login Security Options
      • Changed lockouts from 20 to 2 attempts
      • Enable "Immediately lock out invalid usernames"
    • Add admin and the domain names to "Immediately block the IP of users who try to sign in as these usernames"
    • Save Wordfence Advance settings

Remove Akismit and Hello Dolley

Change recommended WordPress settings:
  • In Settings|General: Change Time Zone to "New York"
  • In Settings|General: Confirm that "Anyone can register" is unchecked
  • In Settings|Reading:: Change "Your home page displays" to a static page.
  • In Settings|Reading:: Change "For each article in a feed, show" from Full text to Summary
  • In Settings|Discussion: Check [_] Users must be registered and logged in to comment for "Other comment settings."
  • In Settings|Permalinks: Change to anything other than default (i.e.
Install the following plug-ins:

  • Child Themify by John Bolch
  • Theme File Duplicator by John Sschwab
  • Contact Form 7  by Takayuki Miyoshi
Opened the themes section in the dashboard

  • Install the Weaver Xtreme Theme
  • Create a Child weaver-xtreme-child Theme
  • Activate the child theme
  • Install the 3 recommended Weaver Xtreme plug-ins

Went back to cPanel and uploaded the child theme snapshot.png image from my PC

Changed the front page from a blog to a static page...

Let The Fun Begin!!!
...finally, it's time to begin building the website:

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