Saturday, May 19, 2018

Configuring WordPress

You're ready to configure WordPress and add your unique website content.

Now What?

Open the email that has this information

  • URL to your new website
    (We'll use for this tutorial...)
  • Admin UserID
  • Admin Password

===== Log into site using =====

In the dashboard, open all installed plugins. Install the Wordfence Security Plugin (By WordFence)
  • Change WordFence settings (left Menu)
    • Add admin Email address (uncheck newsletter)
    • "No Thanks" to Premium API code
    • WordFence|General WordFence Options: Check Automatically Update Word fence
    • WordFence|General WordFence Options: Check Hide WordPress version
    • WordFence|General WordFence Options: Confirm admin email address for notifications
    • Save Wordfence Changes (Green Button Upper Right Corner)
    • Advance Options: Login Security Options
      • Changed lockouts from 20 to 2 attempts
      • Enable "Immediately lock out invalid usernames"
    • Add admin and the domain names to "Immediately block the IP of users who try to sign in as these usernames"
    • Save Wordfence Advance settings

Remove Akismit and Hello Dolley

Change recommended WordPress settings:
  • In Settings|General: Change Time Zone to "New York"
  • In Settings|General: Confirm that "Anyone can register" is unchecked
  • Save Changes w/Green button
  • In Pages|Add New: Add page titled "Home." Add ipsum conent.
  • Publish Page
  • In Settings|Reading:: Change "Your home page displays" to a static page.
  • In Settings|Reading:: Change "For each article in a feed, show" from Full text to Summary
  • In Settings|Reading:: Check the box "Discourage search engines from indexing this site"
  • Save Changes
  • In Settings|Discussion: Check [_] Users must be registered and logged in to comment for "Other comment settings."
  • Save Changes
  • In Settings|Permalinks: Change to anything other than default (i.e.
  • Save Changes
Install the following plug-ins:
  • Theme File Duplicator by John Sschwab
  • Contact Form 7  by Takayuki Miyoshi
  • Child Themify by John Bloch, then activate
  • Only if you want SEO: Yoast SEO by Team Yoast
    • If you installed Yoast, then configure:
    • In SEO|General|Features: Make sure they are all turned on
    • In SEO|General|WebMaster Tools: Install Webmaster Verification codes
    • In SEO|Search Console|Settings: Get Google Authorization Code
    • Set up accounts (WinningWP Video opens in a new tab):
      • and 
      • (You may need to install the plugin "Google Analytics for Wordpress by Monsterinsights" to authenticate the account
Opened the themes section in the dashboard
  • Install the GeneratePress Theme
  • Create a GeneratePress-child Theme
  • Install the Weaver Xtreme Theme
  • Create a Child weaver-xtreme-child Theme
Go to Installed Plugins
  • Deactivate the child theme
  • Install the 3 recommended Weaver Xtreme plug-ins

Go back to cPanel and uploaded the child theme snapshot.png image from my PC

Change the front page from a blog to a static page...

Let The Fun Begin!!!
...finally, it's time to begin building the website:

===== Post Build: Log into site using =====

When you site is built:
  • In Settings|Reading:: Uncheck the box "Discourage search engines from indexing this site"

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