Friday, January 15, 2016 is owned by Google. It's free.

In 2011, at, I created two blogs: a personal, non-public personal diary and a public-facing blog for A Better Computer, Inc.

In 2015 I revisited the ABCInc blog, and began writing about my wordpress experiences.

I set up shortcut to use on the internet, and then I learned how to:

  • Establish privacy settings, such as requiring all comments to be moderated 
  • Use the tools to write articles (looks a lot like Word)
  • Use other settings, too, such as changing the favicon
  • Select/Change templates
  • Add widgets (e.g. contact form and links) 
Most importantly, I learned how to include a domain name so that obvious references to are mostly hidden. I configured, then asked Google to redirect the naked domain

For this new blog, that you're reading now, I learned to configure a sub-domain for

It's a pretty site, and my only cost in the future will be to renew the domain.

I can help you do this for yourself!

Finally, in 2016, I moved a website that I had written in HTML and had uploaded to a hosted site. I used  articles to present text, and discovered I could use a widget to add a column of pictures. There's a contact form, so I no longer have to publish my email address on the internet!

[End Note: You're welcome to visit the old html site I had uploaded in 2016  at to look at the possibilities for your own web presence - and to read about a special person in my life.]

There are lots of free tutorials on youtube!  Here's one by Kisha Jaggers (no relation) that I thought was pretty good.

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