Friday, June 30, 2017

Access Your Google Toolkit Through Your Google Account

Begin by going to

(The link will open in another window
so you can switch with these instructions).

If you are signed in with another account, then sign out.

How can you tell? Look in the upper right corner. If there is an image or a letter of some sort, then you are logged in under that account.

Click on the image, and a pull-down menu will appear.

Click on Sign out.

Next, in the same upper right corner, click on the "Sign in" button and proceed with the username and password provided.

The username will be a email address. (You may have to add the username as a new account....) You will also need your Google/GMail password.

You can verify that you are logged in by looking at the center of the screen for the logo associated with your Google account: and your name on the screen:

In the upper right corner of the screen is a 3x3 square of blocks. This actually represents a pull-down menu with all the Google Goodies!
And the Google Goodies that I use most are:
  • YouTube ~ You can publish your own channel of videso
  • GMail ~ This can be a common mailbox for your organization
  • Drive ~ This is where you can upload and download files that you want to share...
  • Calendar ~ Did you know that you can share this calendar with the public, and they can simply add it to their own Google calendar so that your events automatically show up?

But wait, there's more!
On the second menu screen are links to

  • ~ At the very least we'll set up a private blog for our own use. More on that, later.
  • My Business ~ This is a really important link if your company has a real place-of-business with a street address and hours of operation. This is used by Google for SEO!!
  • I use Google Hangouts for video conferencing.
But wait, there's more! But I'm not going to go into them here. 

The final link, "Even more from Google" goes to a full page of all Google resources, with links and descriptions of each one. When you have time, and you're curious, go exploring!

When you're done with your business tools, then you can return to, log out of your business account, and log back in with your personal account for your own GMail account...

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