Friday, March 17, 2017

Recording steps to add on a domain (

My goal was to set up mailing lists for SCORE Pinellas for use by the volunteers.

I had registered the domain name and used the name servers that I used for

I opened cPanel for (ABCInc) for the following actions:

FILES Section, File Manager: I created a subdirectory named socrepinellas

DOMAINS Section, Add-On: I added the domain directed to the subdirectory I created in the previous step.

SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER Section: Installed WordPress to the SCOREPinellas subdomain

MAIL Section: Added the usual forwarders (listmaster, webmaster, postmaster, etc.)

MAIL Section: Created the usual mailing lists (Announcements, Discussions, ChitChat) plus some specific to SCORE for a couple of committees.

Next, I had to configure the individual lists.

I closed cPanel.

I opened the WordPress admin panel for and started building out the site:

  • Installed plugins
  • Created child theme based on TwentySeventeen
  • Began to add content

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